Site de vente de jeux, jouets et loisirs créatifs pour les enfants de 3 à 9 ans.

Who are we?

Joyce, founder of Kids of the Wool

Joyce’s grandparents play an important role in her life and education. She then holds on to the transgenerational link without knowing yet how to maintain this link herself.
At 16 she enters the closed world of Haute Couture and works in press offices such as Caterine Miran, then in Jewelry for Mercedes Robirosa, Lanvin, Lacroix, Lagerfield.
Joyce joined a fashion school and won a prize at the Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival, a true trend observatory and international platform.
Joyce takes advantage of this springboard to launch “Djam” her first brand of women’s ready-to-wear clothing. She then created and developed the well-known Djam space in the heart of Paris.
It hosts many artists and events.
The press offices Joyce works for are based in New York City in the Towers… Everything collapsed in September 2001.
Joyce then takes time for herself. This textile engineer specialized in knitwear, after the birth of her daughter, has an idea.
She wishes to transmit, just as her grandparents did, and wishes more than anything else to propose a project in continuity, with as an excuse, the imaginary world of childhood, the genesis of her nostalgia, which wakes up of course when she hears the word “mom”.
Joyce then develops an original and playful concept bringing together the joys and enchantments of this world.
She then imagines a series of characters living in a wool forest in the middle of which a magical love tree is enthroned where the Kids of the Wool are born.
Giving free rein to her creativity, she explores and transposes a sensitive and inspired imagination, far from the ephemerality of fashion.

A better world possible

The original Kids of the Wool universe is intended for all children from 3 to 7 years old.
The Kids of the Wool brand and names are in English to emphasize the universality of the concept.
A whole playful and humanistic world carried by a series of sparkling characters.
The ambition is to offer this young audience an inexhaustible playground without borders or cultural barriers, where children feel free, inspired and creative.
It is designed to accompany their daily lives, offering a collection of fun objects, crafts and other surprises to come.
The Kids of the Wool form a radiant bestiary with an endearing impertinence.