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Stimulate children’s creativity

Because being creative is having a fresh look, and will allow your child to learn to see life, as well as others under another angle: creativity helps in the development of communication and it contributes to have an open mind, and to make their way of seeing things evolve! We tell you more about how to stimulate your child’s creativity!

Are all children creative?

Each child has his or her own creativity, which they all express in different ways. To give you an example, when he wants to help you decorate his room, or when he finds a new use for a toy, he is creative!

Creativity can and should be developed, without boundaries or limits, as a parent it is important that you encourage your child to create: daily or artistic activities give you clues to his creativity, and it can be developed in everyday activities, such as assembly or construction games, drawing, modeling, dancing, or even acting with his two dolls!

Creativity and its benefits

There is nothing better to foster development than creativity! It allows the child to reinforce his identity, especially when he shows originality in his games or in his daily life. Creativity also plays a role in their self-esteem, especially during play and art activities. It also facilitates the expression of emotions and ideas, even the most shy can express themselves. Seeing things from another angle, encouraging openness to others and to his environment is also a strong point of creativity, your child will also try to find original solutions when a problem arises that he must confront. It also contributes to the development of concentration, self-definition and critical thinking: we also explain the Do It Yourself in this article to develop these qualities with fun activities, and yes, at Kids of the Wool, we think of you!

Activities to stimulate your child's creativity

To encourage his creativity, you need to be open-minded and flexible so that he can try everything with goodwill! This will encourage the development of his imagination.

Your job as a parent (the best job in the world, we know), is to stimulate his creativity in different ways, every day! Talk with him about his tastes, ask him to explain his games, take an interest in what he does! Exchange as much as possible with him, (without being too stifling of course), ask him to give his impressions on what he saw or heard, give your point of view too, to discuss it. Encourage him to try new things, and schedule a time or times during the day for him to play freely and let his imagination run wild. Let him have time to make his own discoveries, without influencing him, and provide him with materials to express himself (markers, crayons, or even costumes!) you can also read and tell him stories, for this, we suggest the Kids of the Wool book, but also evening stories on our blog, right here.

To obtain all these benefits related to creativity, it is necessary to find the point of balance between the freedom of expression without limit, and a certain structure, it needs this space without judgment to be able to express itself at best! You can also give instructions to advise him, such as drawing without the color red or making as little noise as possible to teach him self-discipline, the trick is not to abuse it and to do it punctually! This discipline also allows your child to persevere and follow through on what they start. And what better way to do it than with a creative activity from start to finish?

That’s why we’ve put together the Kids of the Wool boxes! Creative and playful activities to do alone or with the family, to help him discover his artistic creativity and allow him to enter the imaginary world of Kids!

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