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Memory game


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The Kids Of The Wool memory game will help your child work on their memory, ideal to bring children and adults together at the table, this game, with simple rules, brings generations together and enables them to enjoy being together.

The 15 Kids Of The Wool characters come together in this memory game to sharpen up children’s small heads to remember and pair up the characters, you will be surprised by your children’s memories. 

So, hold on tight! It’s the perfect game for family and friends. 

What are the benefits of the Memory game for children? Their little brain is a storage unit. As they grow, they acquire the ability to transfer their experiences to their consciousness.

The memory game helps small children to develop this skill which they will need in their future life.  

The Memory game contains: 

  • 30 game cards
  • Very solid cardboard packaging
  • Memory game rules

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