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Ruddy Racoon Box




Are you looking to occupy your child other than by letting them watch the television or play on your smart phone ? At Kids of the Wool, we have the solution! We offer creative boxes for children from 3 to 7, to help them develop their autonomy, creativity, and self-confidence.

A new Kids character comes to life in this new box! Rudy Racoon, the kind and smart raccoon, is here to delight you!

This box contains: 

  • The Ruddy Raccon soft toy
  • The Rudy Raccon passport
  • Stickers 
  • A DIY embroidery kit
  • A card to colour
  • Masking tape

An eccentric joker, Ruddy Raccoon is the funny guy of the group.

With his sense of repartee, he always finds the right words.

Defender of the oppressed and underprivileged, he cannot bear inequality and enjoys sharing fairly. Respectful of others, he always makes an effort. He has the ability to create rainbows, shields, bridges, and slides.  

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