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Bruno Bear Creative Box

Bruno Bear Creative Box


In stock


In stock


Are you looking to occupy your child other than by letting them watch the television or play on your smart phone ? At Kids of the Wool, we have the solution! We offer creative boxes for children from 3 to 7, to help them develop their autonomy, creativity, and self-confidence.

Discover the Bruno Bear box, the kindest and strongest of the Kids of the Wool!

What will you discover in this creative box? 

Our creative kit contains:

  • A Bruno Bear soft toy 
  • A pin
  • An iron-on badge
  • A postcard to colour  
  • Bruno Bear’s passport 
  • A silk scarf 
  • A Kids of the Wool house decoupage
  • A Do It Yourself, patch art from DMC*

Bruno Bear is the strong one of the family, his strength reassures and gives courage.

He loves play fighting but never hurts others, he is always even-tempered.  

He is a gentle giant who protects the weak, loves siestas and tends to grumble when he hasn’t had enough sleep.  

*The DMC patch art box contains: coloured balls of wool, 2 patch needles, a block of foam and stencils. 

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