Site de vente de jeux, jouets et loisirs créatifs pour les enfants de 3 à 9 ans.

Montessori educational approach

The objective of Kids of the Wool is to allow children to let their imagination run free, while developing their motor skills, their creative and sensory sensitivity. For this purpose, we have developed the Motriscore? Each product has a Motriscore that indicates which abilities are stimulated and enhanced. This allows you to intelligently entertain your children, while allowing them to develop, away from the screens.

We respond to the needs of children and make every effort to promote their development from the very beginning of our product design. Positive pedagogy from the Montessori philosophy and the reconnection between generations are at the heart of our concerns at Kids of the Wool.

The activities we propose to the children are based on the “Do It Yourself” method, in order to allow the children to think by themselves, to ask themselves the right questions, to realize the right action process and to arrive at their ends, all alone! This allows them to develop :
– their curiosity and open-mindedness,
– their imagination and creativity,
– managing their emotions,
their well-being and self-confidence,
– improving their concentration and attention,
– autonomy,
– perseverance,
– decision making and initiative,
– respect for nature and the environment,
– the sense of observation,
– the ability to listen,

Kids of the Wool is about awakening and developing children through play. We have designed and created our products with a view to truly listening to children and their needs as well as those of their families.
The story of Kids Of The Wool starts from an awareness and a deep desire to change things, to really listen to the child, and to offer him/her products specially imagined and designed to meet his/her needs, to bring him/her all the keys to grow up and blossom, without forgetting to meet the needs of his/her family.
Your well-being and your child’s development being our priority, all our products are as qualitative as they are well thought out, and respect the motri-score and motri-gram.
Compared to all the other toys on the market, our products are designed to address skill acquisition in a fun way. This skill acquisition is explained and demonstrated in the form of a motri-score, made in collaboration with a laboratory specialized in creativity in children. In addition, our products have been designed with the help of Mr. Sotto, a child psychiatrist, to create intelligent and educational games.
Compared to other toys on the market, in addition to providing entertainment, we give the child a real trampoline that allows him to acquire the skills necessary for his development and personal growth, in a fun and enjoyable way!

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