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List of manual activities

Arts and crafts have many benefits for your children. In addition to keeping them away from screens, they allow them to learn while having fun and to develop their physical and intellectual capacities (fine mobility, concentration). From the timeless and essential coloring to canvas and sewing, discover manual activities for children and their benefits!

Nothing could be easier than to suggest your child to color! A sheet of paper, a few pencils, and your little one lets his imagination run wild as his favorite characters and landscapes come to life on paper. This easy-to-organize handmade activity allows your child to develop his or her creativity and imagination. In addition, he trains his fine mobility and precision of gestures by holding the pen and applying himself in his drawings. You can also offer him a coloring book. Here again, he will have fun with the drawings to color while applying himself not to exceed.
For a change from crayons, your child can use paint (water or finger). He can then have fun mixing colors to create new ones! You can also add stickers to make his drawing even more colorful and original! Also, feel free to use glitter markers and expand the color palette.

A fabric canvas with a design, a needle, wool or cotton threads of different colors, and your child is ready to create masterpieces! This activity will strengthen his fine mobility and concentration. He will also learn patience, because you must first know the stitches before you can make the canvas. However, the half-stitch technique is simple to memorize and use. There are canvas kits for children with all the necessary materials and technical explanations. Little ones will quickly enjoy embroidering their favorite designs!

Creative activity par excellence, sewing will immediately appeal to your child. He will love to customize his clothes, by sewing a patch on his favorite t-shirt for example! With your help, he will also be able to create all sorts of small decorative objects, such as cushions, blankets. He will develop his dexterity and creativity and be proud of his achievements.

With masking tape, your child will be able to decorate his room and furniture according to his desires and you will have nothing to fear for your house. If you are not familiar with the principle, masking tape is a decorative tape that is easily glued and unglued. It is the guarantee of an original and personalized decoration, without any risk for your woodworks or paintings.

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