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Ideas for manual activities

Doing arts and crafts with your child is always a fun and bonding moment for the whole family! For every age, there are activities to keep them entertained while learning, exploring, and developing their creativity. Here we share with you some ideas for children’s crafts, from the very young to 7 years and up.
Why do crafts with your child?
From a very young age, children are constantly learning, especially through play and the various early learning activities you can offer them. Among the creative ideas for children, manual activities have many advantages. Painting, play dough, cutting, crafts… All these manual activities allow your child to develop his creativity and imagination. And once his masterpiece is finished, he will be as proud of his work and efforts as you are!

Doing manual work often requires concentration and application as your child tries to do his or her best to get the result he or she wants. It also helps them work on their dexterity (holding a pencil, scissors…) while having fun!

A manual activity for children also allows the youngest and the oldest to discover new sensations through the tools and materials used. And with each new activity, he learns new moves and new ways to have fun!
Discover our creative activities for children of all ages!
If manual activities for children must always be carried out under adult supervision, each age has its own needs and possibilities!

From an early age, your child likes to get his hands dirty! This is how they discover their environment and learn. For toddlers, activities such as play dough, finger painting and collage are perfect for strengthening their dexterity and precision. And the more colors, the better! This kind ofmanual activity with the little ones will allow your child to realize real masterpieces that you can personalize as decoration for his room!

At age 3, your little one has better control of his movements and continues to develop his precision and coordination. Creative ideas for children such as making fun cardboard objects, which they can then color or paint, customizing objects such as a flower pot, a pencil pot, a candle holder will be as many opportunities for them to express their creativity and have the pleasure of giving you a gift.

At 4 years old, your child often wants to do things by himself, even if it is not necessarily a success! Let your child’s imagination and creativity run wild. With adapted and safe tools and materials, he will amaze you with his creations!

You can try out a lot of creative ideas for children at this age! Your child is often curious and wants to discover new things. In his learning journey, the idea is always the same: build to learn.

Don’t worry about your child getting dirty, or dirtying the kitchen table! Offer him various supports for his creations (wood, felt, stone…), the result of his paintings will be even more amazing.

Manual and artistic activities: a moment of sharing in family
By taking the time to do different manual activities with your child, you share a qualitative moment with him. He thrives and has fun with you, and so do you! As your toddler grows, he or she can sometimes do these crafts on their own, so you know they’re having fun while learning. Every member of the family, regardless of age, can participate! There are no age limits for crafts!

Children’s crafts: ideal for special occasions!
Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day… Any occasion is a good opportunity to offer personalized gifts! Forget the pasta necklace, and make with your child greeting cards and birthday cards, decorations and costumes, bags and custom t-shirts… And don’t forget the pumpkin, the Easter eggs and the decorations for the tree!

Here’s something to have fun with at any time of the year with your little one by offering creative ideas for his manual activities!

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