How to keep children occupied at home by creating an imaginary world?

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Federico fox, the Fox of the forest of  Woolwood

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The Woolwood forest is a distant and protected country, Papi and Mamie Nat are the protectors.
They playfully teach kids of the Wool from the magic woolen fruits of the love tree the secrets of the miracle of life.
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In the Woodwood forest, Papi and Mamie Nat live in perfect harmony with nature.
They are the guardians of the forest. Papi is a handyman, Mamie is an outstanding knitter. One day, they discover a heart-shaped seed and a letter with a prophecy written on it. Curious and intrigued, they decide to plant this mysterious seed. What will come out of the ground? A magnificent Tree of Love
Kids of the wool offers a collaboration with DMC, the historic and iconic Alsatian company.
a large-hole canvas kit featuring the adorable sheep Shauwna Sheep, the little sister of Woolwood’s happy triplets.
The canvas or tapestry for some is a real creative trend to rediscover and with many virtues for young and old!
New year, new projects ! Kids of the Wool is available in a new world, that of Poppik.
Poppik was created in 2016 by Delphine Badreddine and Françoise Baglin.
Both from the world of youth publishing, they had the idea of ​​using educational and educational content on a new medium:
a poster and stickers.
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The Origin of a Concept

It’s the story of little beings half-children, half-animals, a wonderful handyman grandpa and an outstanding knitting granny.
These last two are the guardians of the Woolwood forest, at the center of which sits a Tree of Love with multiple virtues ... Through their adventures, the Kids of the Wool learn to live together, to discover values ​​like friendship, courage, mutual aid and respect for nature, surrounded by Grandpa and Grandma Nat.
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